Journal Entry # 7: The Ending of the Odyssey

While reading the last few chapters of the book, I found it extremely interesting that upon returning home, Odysseus still kept his identity concealed. This shocked me due to the fact that I expected Odysseus to reveal himself immediately upon reaching home to get the suitors away from his wife Penelope. However, instead of doing this, he keeps himself concealed and watches the suitors trying to court his Wife. Penelope then states that whoever was able to get their arrow through all twelve axes would be able to marry her. Odysseus uses this opportunity in order to reveal himself and gets all twelve axes with his arrow. He then kills a suitor and it becomes clear that Odysseus has returned. This also ties into the theme of Kleios as Odysseus yet again makes a grand entrance with his return back to Ithaca. His identity was only revealed to Penelope after he had gotten rid of the suitors. This also displays Odysseus’s cleverness and his patience to wait for the right moment to make his move. This was a really interesting book to read overall and the ending was unique and different as well as I did not expect Odysseus to not reveal himself once he made it home due to the fact that he was away from his family for so long, and you’d expect that he would reveal himself immediately.