Journal Entry #6: The Odyssey Themes

In the Odyssey, you have the presence of the themes Xenia, Nostos, and Kleios. Xenia refers to hospitality, Nostos refers to journey home, and Kleios displays glory. Throughout the entire novel, you have the presence of Nostos, or journey home. Odysseus runs into many obstacles throughout the novel, such as being stuck on Calypso’s island, the cave with the Kyclops, and the storm caused by Poseidon to send him astray, amongst other obstacles. He goes through all this while trying to make it home. The concept of Xenia is also present when he arrives at the palace. The king takes odysseus in and throws a feast as well as provides him with a ship and a crew to help him on his journey home, which goes back to the concept or theme of Nostos. Kleios is also shown with the Kyclops, which hinders his travels due to the fact that when he takes the Kyclops eye and blinds him, he tells the Kyclops who he is in a way to show off, which ends up hurting him later as he provides the Kyclops with the information needed in order to tell Poseidon to place a curse on Odysseus. I find it really interesting that the author is able to keep this theme present throughout the entire novel constantly, as you find evidence of at least 1 of these three themes in each chapter or book.