Journal Entry #5: King James Bible (Matthew Chapter 4)

In class, we had discussed different types of conflict through the book of Matthew in the King James Bible, . I wanted to focus on the encounter Jesus has with the devil in chapter 4. I believe that this a conflict between man vs self and man vs man. In this chapter, we are introduced to the concept of temptation. Jesus is tempted three times by the devil as the devil tries to get Jesus to worship him. Although Jesus refuses each time and does not hesitate to give the Devil his answer that he will only worship God, I still believe that this is a conflict of Man vs self. In the King James Bible, Jesus is presented with temptation to worship the Devil. Although he does not follow through with this and does not hesitate to say no, he was still presented with the internal conflict of worshipping God, or getting plenty of rewards to worship the devil.

You are also presented with the conflict of Man vs. Man. In this case, I depicted the devil as a man trying to cause temptation or peer pressure, something a human would do. The devil tries on three separate occasions to tempt Jesus into worshipping, with his last attempt to offer an entire kingdom to Jesus. He constantly fails to persuade Jesus, which causes a conflict of Man vs Man.