Journal Entry #4: King James Bible ( Mathew 1-8)

While reading the King James Bible (Matthew) I noticed something really interesting when compared to Genesis. In Matthew, God does not show himself to humanity anymore, as he had done in Genesis. In Genesis, God was present constantly and interacting with humans. For example, with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve had the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, God comes to punish them both, interacting with them directly. You also see it again with the story of Cain and Abel and how the two brothers were supposed to give offerings to God directly. When Cain ends up killing Abel, God punishes Cain. You begin to notice that God is heavily present in Genesis or the story of beginnings.
When you get to the story of Matthew however, you begin to see God taking a backseat to everything, and not making himself present and acting directly towards humanity. This is shown when one of God’s angels, not God himself, makes himself present to Joseph not in person, but in a dream or vision. He tells Joseph that his wife Mary is to bear a child who ends up being Jesus. He also is guided by God through a dream to flee to Egypt, as the King Herod is trying to find Jesus and kill him out of jealousy.
I found this extremely interesting as the Bible had taken two different approaches in order to spread its teachings, by using God directly communicating to humanity in Genesis, to using God indirectly in Matthew, in order to spread warnings and teachings, and encouraging the idea of humanity having to take a leap of faith and follow their vision or dream as Joseph had done .