Journal Entry #2: King James Bible: Genesis 3

In Genesis 3, the serpent is introduced in the text. The serpent ends up tempting Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree, which she ends up doing. I believe that the serpent is representing evil in this case, due to the fact that it pressures Eve to disobey God, who is displayed as all-powerful and loving. Due to Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree, God punishes them, making child bearing painful for Eve, and having Adam farm from infertile soil. One thing I found interesting about Genesis 3 is the forbidden tree. Since God is supposed to be perfect, I got confused as to why the forbidden tree was placed in the garden in the first place along with the serpent. I believe that it was done as a test for Adam and Eve to prove their faith and loyalty to God. Ultimately they ended up disobeying God, causing them to be cursed. Another thing I found interesting was that god ended up creating imperfect beings, when throughout Genesis 1 and 2, he is seen as making everything perfect, taking six days in order to create the world. However, you see mankind begin to display flaws, as Adam and Eve end up disobeying god.