Journal Entry #12: Dante’s Inferno

Reading this novel, I found it extremely interesting on how hell is portrayed compared to how hell is portrayed in different books, movies, etc. Before reading this novel, I perceived hell to be chaotic and filled with torture and evil. However, reading this novel, you begin to realize how organized hell actually is. One example of how organized hell is is with the different circles mentioned in the novel. Each circle is represented by different degrees of punishment that someone in hell would face based off their actions. Not only that, but you have individuals In hell who keep it organized as well. In addition, people who didn’t deserve to be punished were told to leave as well. You see this with Dante as he is told several times to leave hell or that he is not supposed to be there. After reading this in the book, my perspective of hell has changed. Prior to reading this text, I felt as if hell is associated with evil. After reading the novel however, I no longer see hell as evil due to the fact that acts similarly acts as a prison in a way, as punishment is only given to individuals who deserve it.