Journal Entry #11: Prophecy and its Effects on Macbeth and Oedipus

After reading both pieces, an immediate connection could be made between the two stories. This is the idea of prophecy, and how knowing your future beforehand can end up destroying you. In Oedipus the King, you have the prophecy given to Oedipus that he had killed his father Lauis and married his mother Jocasta. This information begins to drive Oedipus to dig deeper and deeper until the truth is revealed that he did kill his father and marry his mother. This leads to tragedy as his mother Jocasta commits suicide and he is forced to leave his Kingdom. Similarly, Macbeth learns his future or prophecy that he will become king and that he cannot be killed by a man who was born from a woman. This leads Macbeth to take matters into his own hands, and him believing that nobody could kill him. He begins to murder everyone who is a threat to his throne and leads to his death by Macduff, who was not born from a woman, but by C- section. Ultimately, you can state based off these two novels that knowing your prophecy can end up leading to your demise.