Journal Entry #1: King James Bible (Genesis 1+2)

The King James Bible, Genesis 1 and 2, discusses the creation of the world and Earth, by a God or Creator. It states that the creation of the world spanned over 7 days, of which light, darkness, land, the seas, plant life, living creatures, mankind, as well as the creation of Heaven and Earth were made. One thing I found really interesting was how the creation of the world depicted in the King James Bible differed from the Creation Hymn in the Rig Veda. In the Rig Veda, the creator of the world is unknown, suggesting that there may not even be a creator, whereas with the King James Bible, a creator is known and the Bible takes you through the process of how the world is formed. I found this really interesting due to the fact that the Rig Veda and the King James Bible gives you two different perspectives on how the world was created, and how this concept of the creation of the universe differs in different parts of the world. The Bible does depict the creator as an all powerful, all knowing individual as well as someone who is organized, due to the precision he takes to create the world.